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Vibrant and versatile

Young Stephanie Sansoni is fast making a name for herself as a versatile and gifted songstress in the music industry in Sri Lanka. For Sansoni it is all about hard work coupled with talent. Melodies features Sansoni, whose passion for music will help her reach great heights.

Commitment to what she does is no doubt a reason for her accomplishments in music. She is also loyal to her fans by trying her utmost to maintain her high standards.

“I attribute it all to hard work and consistency. Ever since I started my music journey three years ago, I have been consistent with my video uploads and I always try my best to produce good content,” said Sansoni.

Music is very much a part of her vibrant personality. Her talent for the guitar together with her voice has enabled her to endear herself to any audience that can appreciate good music.

“I am genuinely passionate about music. It runs in my blood. Singing and playing guitar is my hobby and I was able to turn it into something much bigger. Music has transformed me into this whole new different person, in a good way of course,” pointed out Sansoni.

Having a great voice and talent, it is only natural that she will want to put out some originals of her own. It will be part of her already incredible journey in music.

“Yes definitely. I have started work on my originals. However, I am taking my time with it since I am busy with studies too. I am hoping to release an original by the end of this year,” said Sansoni.

Sansoni cannot forget her fans. Their support and adulation is key to her journey. They are her greatest inspiration and reason for what she has achieved so far. Different artistes inspire her but it is her fans that are the wind beneath her wings. To hear them connect with her music and to hear them enjoy her music must be an indescribable sweetness to her. Indeed this is the dream of any successful singer or songstress to see the crowd responding to the music. To have them bolster your confidence is something only a musician can understand. A performer is lifted up seeing the excitement he or she generates in the crowd.

Sansoni is modest saying that someday she will be successful. She has the confidence and she has what it takes to make success. She loves what she does and that is her message to anyone. To do what they love. She believes that if you are passionate about what you do, then everything will fall into place. This is the key to prospering in life. Once you find what you love doing, life is a joy. Though she has a lot to learn she is learning. Success is around the corner for this young lady.

“I started my journey three years ago. In 2016 to be exact. Of course there were so many obstacles. The biggest one was having to figure out so many things about social media on my own. Social media is always changing, so I had to constantly stay alert about new trends and adapt accordingly. If I hadn’t taken that into consideration, my YouTube channel and Instagram profile wouldn’t have grown this much,” explained Sansoni.

Having the freedom to pursue what she loves to do is no doubt a contributing factor to her happiness in life. She has a support system that has allowed her to explore her strengths. She has come a long way and right throughout her friends and family have been with her providing that much needed boost.

“I wish to thank my family and friends for supporting my choices in life. They are my biggest strength. A big thank you also goes to my followers and fans. I wouldn’t have come this far without their support,” added Sansoni.

Currently she is an undergraduate at the University of Colombo studying International Relations. Though it is challenging she feels that she will be able to balance her passion and work. It may be tough at first but when you love what you do then doors open for you. Music has done so much for her and it is part of her. It is her calling in life.

“I hope to complete my studies and pursue a career related to my field. Music remains a priority too. I hope to balance both work and music and let’s see where it will take me,” said Sansoni.

One poem that describes her and her journey in life is called ‘Timeless’ by Rupi Kaur.

“my twenties are the warm-up

for what i’m really about to do

wait till you see me in my thirties

now that will be a proper introduction

to the nasty, wild, woman in me.

how can i leave before the party’s started

rehearsals begin at forty

I ripen with age

I do not come with an expiration date

and now

for the main event

curtains up at fifty

let’s begin the show,”

Sansoni has a bunch of favorite artistes. But at the top of the list you get the incredible Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. Sansoni has grown up listening to their music. These are two artistes that she looks up to.

“Layla by Eric Clapton is my all-time favorite song. There is no specific reason as to why I love it. I was just drawn to it the first time I heard it a very long time ago. I never get sick of listening to this song,” states Sansoni.

Sansoni calls herself as more of an extrovert. She is talkative, outgoing and forward. She is also determined and sure of herself. If she wants something nothing can deter her. However she does not like loud crowds and surrounds herself with a small yet intimate group of friends.

Sansoni has never disappointed her audience. She has performed at several concerts and corporate events and the response has been very positive and satisfying. So far it has been good and it is getting better and better. Throughout the years she has matured and refined her skills.

“My favorite performance was the one at Dialog Ngage. I had such good response from the audience. I think that was the day I lost my stage fright.

There have been many great times in my musical career. My covers of Shape of You and Despacito going international, a few of my Sinhala covers generating more reviews than the original songs, performing for an audience of 4000 people at the Dialog Google I/O event and getting the opportunity to work with some high end brands and companies,” said Sansoni.

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