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[CITIZENS' Mail - (20-08-2018)]

First it was Monsanto, and now...?

Given the jurisdiction on compensation payment for the victim of cancer alleged through Glyphosate spray, and the imminent withdrawal of Glyphosate from Supermarkets, isn't it about time that the Sri Lankan Parliament debated the recent directive of re-introducing Glyphosate as a systemic herbicide to be used extensively within the island?

If person/s in Sri Lanka believe that they are victims of cancers, neuromuscular disorders etc., due to the use of Glyphosate over last few decades and seek compensation through jurisdiction of the Courts, will the US judgement be presented as Case Law?

If the litigants are to be compensated following Court directives, who will pay the costs? - the taxpayer or the Corporate sales agencies in Sri Lanka or those who played the Pied Pipers for the Glyphosate manufacturers such as Monsanto?

When will our national leaders have the backbone to address, without fear or favour, this issue concerning the very healthcare of our people, in the light of these recent global outcomes?

Ivan Amarasinghe 

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