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‘Development ongoing while correcting previous govt’s faults’

Plans are finalized to develop Mawanella, Highways and Road Development Minister Kabir Hashim said.

Addressing a meeting following the inauguration of a number of roads in the Mawanella electorate, he said the Pohottuwa party is preoccupied with blaming the government on baseless grounds, citing the sale of crown lands, dividing the country and risking the country’s sovereignty.

On the contrary, the UNP is the only party that fosters democracy and protects sovereignty. It cannot be forgotten that UNP leaders even sacrificed their lives to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and democracy, the minister said.

“Mahinda Rajapaksa earlier, before the Presidential elections, said he is unable to travel abroad as he might have to face the electric chair. This was because democratic countries disliked him. As a result, Sri Lanka was marginalized and ignored. However, with this government, that has changed,” he said.

“It was Mahinda Rajapaksa who sold state land to foreigners, friends and relatives when cronyism, corruption and nepotism were rampant during his period. The sale of the most valuable Army headquarters land to a Chinese hotel project is a good example among many. We have been in power for three years, whereas they held power for over 20 years. Yet, they are trying every trick and treachery to oust us. We are undoing all the past wrongdoings. The government is repaying the debts which Mahinda Rajapaksa plunged the country into. Repayment will last until 2025 or even thereafter. Our government is paying for their sins,” the minister said.

“While shouldering the legacy of problems of the Rajapaksas, this government is still forging ahead with its development projects. Our government is still progressing on its infrastructure development projects for which the government has allocated funds. They are the construction of roads, distributing lands and houses, providing drinking water etc. being expeditiously carried out in the Mawanella and Kegalle districts, the minister added.

Mawanella Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Anura Chandana and former PC Council member Upul Shyamal Bandara also addressed the meeting.


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