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Kudos to Gemunu Wijeratne

The All Ceylon Private Bus Workers’ Association was expected to launch a strike as of midnight on August 15 to express their opposition against the new fines imposed for violating road rules.

However, Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association LPBOA President Gemunu Wijeratne said his association will not engage in the strike. He requested the LPBOA not to go-ahead with the strike action because of the ongoing GCE – A/Level examination.

It is very unfair for the bus workers or the railway workers to launch a strike at a time when the GCE O-Level or the GCE A-Level exams are ongoing.

Bus workers or the railway workers should not harm or harass the children of this country. These innocent children are not in any way responsible for your disputes, mismanagement or fights. Education is a very basic human right. We should not do anything that will deny the human rights of children.

Gemunu Wijeratne has advised his union members not to support this brutal and cruel strike.

This bouquet of flowers is to Gemunu Wijeratne for his noble decision-- not to harass children by launching unfair strikes.

Dharmadasa Weeratunga


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