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Sanga, the cricketing great

When living in a world of a species different to that of the world we came from a world now full of selfishness and power craziness, we as seniors are happy to see among us a man so full of altruism and so full of graciousness as cricketer Sangakkara.

This is not the first time he refused to be lured by a life of pomp and pageantry. We know he earlier refused an offer of a diplomatic post by the President. This was an unselfish act with the full knowledge that he was not having the experience and the quality for political diplomacy. This is a time when the very scum of our society would run for such a post. But no this man was quite satisfied with the wealth and fame he has earned over the years and he has thus become a beacon of light to a country groping in darkness.

Sanga, like some others who had earned fame, glory and wealth by what they have done in their careers, such as Ottara of Odel fame, Kishu Gomes of business fame, Cricketer Mahela who sweated for a cancer hospital and a host of other silent men and women of such ilk and fame, have opted to be different from many others who are chasing mirages to fulfill their illusions. This is an appeal for all such good people to get together for realms of a higher order.

Let these folk of altruistic motives form a movement to help the poor and marginalized in our country. We are very sure there will be an avalanche of Goodwill for such a great deed, devoid of politics of that dirty variety that had done very little since gaining independence.

Hats off to Sanga and may he steer the proposal that we sincerely make for this blessed country.

Oscar E. V. Fernando


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