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[CITIZENS' Mail - (14-08-2018)]


Wildlife Minister Field Marshal SarathFonseka has said that the police would not be able to eradicate the underworld by resorting to third grade and futile methods.

He has said some police officers in his electorate reportedly assault innocent people, file court cases against innocent people after planting drug packets and also demand ransom.

This is a very serious complaint. Sarath Fonseka is an expert on these matters.

He had been in charge of the Army for several years.

His performance had been excellent. He is a senior Minister. He has every right to talk about law and order. He is an authority on these matters. We thank Minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka for having the courage to point out lapses.

This type of harassment can happen to anyone.

This is supposed to be Yahapalanaya period.

We expect police to handle the underworld problem in a more professional manner.

We salute SarathFonseka for talking against injustice.

We hope other politicians also talk against injustice, corruption, mismanagement, wastage, inefficiency, frauds, negligence, indiscipline, misuse and other weaknesses in our society.

D. Weeratunga



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