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Man died in bus accident, several injured

A passenger died when a Kataragama bound private bus from Colombo veered off the road and plunged into the Nonagama tank and turned on its side at the Nonagama Wewa Junction yesterday morning.

Several other passengers were injured and hospitalised, residents said.

Hungama police said the bus had struck four telephone poles before it veered off the road.

Police arrested the bus driver. The passengers said the conductor was driving when it met with the accident.

The deceased was identified as Yakdehige Rasika Gayashan of Godaimbaragama, Nawa Nagaraya, Kataragama. He was a private bus driver.

The deceased was on the foot board at the time of the accident and the door was detached when the bus struck the telephone poles, police said.

The passengers had been taken out of the bus by the residents in the area. The bus had only 10 to 12 passengers at the time of the accident.



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