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MPs, mind your mandate

Members of Parliament are there to look after the people. Because all the people of the country cannot get involved in preparing legislations and other related matters, we have appointed MPs for that. They represent people in the parliament. They must speak on behalf of people. Money in the Treasury and other government funds are all money belonging to people of the country. It is the duty of the MPs to look after this money. People cannot do that. Their representatives must do that.

If the people are having any grievance, it is the duty of the MPs to talk in the parliament or submit a proposal to the parliament and find a solution to that grievance.

There are basic needs of people such as food items, education, healthcare, transport, security, police service etc. It is the duty of the MPs to take action to provide these basic needs to people.

But is it happening now. We do not see that it is happening.

We can see MPs fighting for their salary increases, their benefits and allowances. For their duty free car permits. For their petrol allowance. For their telephone allowance.

Most of the time MPs are struggling to develop their political party. Organise party meetings. Collect people for party meetings. Attending weddings, birthday parties, funerals, prize givings, etc.

They are worried about finding employment to their friends, relations and party supporters.

They keep several government maintained cars. They have several government paid employees.

They go abroad frequently using government money. For medical treatment they very often go to Singapore or USA using government money.

Some are collecting wealth by misusing their position as a MP. Many are living luxury lives misusing government funds.

Many of them serve themselves lavishly as the spoon is with them.

This is all wrong. We very kindly remind that they are our representatives. They must not try to look after themselves. They must fight for the requirement of people. They must see that justice is done to people. Whenever there is INJUSTICE they must fight and prevent that. They must see that people are getting a reasonable monthly income. They are not harassed by thugs and underworld. They have proper health and education facilities.

This very kind request and reminder is to all politicians and to those who are trying to be politicians.

D. Weeratunga


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