‘SLFP with UNP will develop motherland’ | Daily News

‘SLFP with UNP will develop motherland’

SLFP Youth Front President Shantha Bandara said the Joint Opposition that alleges the SLFP is marching forward with the UNP has formed several local government councils with UNP support and claim that they do not support them.

He said the SLFP will march forward with the UNP to benefit the country. Bandara said anyone aspiring to win the 2020 Presidential election will need SLFP support.

“The SLFP gets a huge support. It is increasing day by day,” he said. He said President Sirisena initiated many projects to take the country forward. Everyone should support the President, he added.

Bandara said measures were taken to develop Polonnaruwa not because the President hails from the area but to develop the country. He said the President initiated the Moragahakanda project, Gamperaliya, Enterprise Sri Lanka and Grama Shakthi to benefit the people. 


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