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Pohottuwa protest a failure, says Deputy Minister Mannapperuma

The protest staged by members of the Joint Opposition turned out to be an utter failure when members of the group failed to even turn up at the event. Seen here is a lone Prof. Tissa Witharana looking forlorn contemplating the future of the group. The protest which disrupted traffic much to the annoyance of commuters who were leaving home for work at that time, failed to even garner a crowd.  Pictures by Ranjith Asanka

The protest staged by a section of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) or Pohottuwa was a failure which reflects its rifts as well, Environment Deputy Minister Ajith Mannapperuma said.

He said that one of their aims is to defeat the government which was voted in by the people on January 8, 2015.

“The people sent the destructive and betraying Rajapaksa regime home on January 8,” the Deputy Minister said. “People have clearly understood as to who the betrayers and destroyers are,” Deputy Minister Mannapperuma said.

He further said the people did not participate in the protest and even MP Namal Rajapaksa is supposed to have left the protest early. “The failure of the protest is that the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna has no leader other than a Rajapaksa,” the Deputy Minister said.

He made these observations during a press conference at the United National Party Head Quarters at Sirikotha auditorium yesterday.

Deputy Minister Mannapperuma said that the previous government betrayed the War Heroes who won the war and celebrated the victory making it a victory of the Rajapaksas. But, this government honoured a War Hero like General Sartath Fonseka with the highest title Field Marshal.

“MP Mahinda Rajapaksa said that we don’t have the backbone to work,” the Deputy Minister said.

Mannapperuma said that this government has no backbone to bring about dictatorship by destroying democracy. “This government will not cancel the Independence Commissions but only strengthen them. We don’t have backbone to replace the Chief Justice overnight in order to achieve any sinister ends,” the Deputy Minister said.

“We don’t have backbone to organise car races around the Sacred Temple of the Tooth and to send white vans.

“We too don’t have backbone to attack prisoners in the Welikada Prison,” the Deputy Minister said.

The Deputy Minister also said that this government has no backbone to evacuate the people from their houses forcefully like during the previous regime. This government also can’t kill the innocent people asking for water like in Rathupaswala. He further said that this government has no backbone to kill fishermen who requested a reductio in the fuel price.

Deputy Minister Mannapperuma refuted the allegations made by Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna protesters that the government is selling the country.

“But, we haven’t sold any thing. Who sold the security headquarters premises outright to foreigners. Acres and acres from the Colombo Port city had been sold to foreigners etc. The people have understood it.”

The Deputy Minister added that more than 115 investigations in to alleged malpractices by the former regime have been directed to the Attorney General and charges would be filed in the future.


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