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Capital Punishment for a crime free society!

Since the declaration of Capital Punishment in Sri Lanka by President Maithripala Sirisena, there have been many articles published in this column most of them opposing his controversial decision.

We all should understand that crime rate in Sri Lanka has unprecedentedly risen since 1977 after the introduction of the liberalized economy. Foreign goods and liquor have been fluxing into the country at the inception of the open economy. Customs barriers in the airport have gradually disappeared. International trade has increased and the functions of the airport too have increased. Customs officers too fell into the bribery net. Then, drug trafficking commenced.

The local kingpins started their gambol in drug trading, the most heinous and lucrative money making strategy.

Later politicians and popular bigwigs too joined in this obnoxious social crime which has become a mafia in the country. Lifting of the moratorium on the death sentence in 1976 has become an impetus for these nasty criminals. Most of the people in the country were addicted to drugs which has become popular among youngsters. Subsequently, the killings increased. Killing has become rampant in our society. Father kills the son or the son kills the father. The wife kills the husband, vice versa.

Although Sri Lanka is predominantly a Buddhist state and most of the people are following the Buddha’s teachings, it is very sad that human mayhem has reached to the unprecedented level. It has become uncontrollable, even with the existing law in the country. President’s thinking is quite right to bring back the death sentence.

In other countries, such as Japan, China and India there is capital punishment in force. In Arabian countries it is strictly enforced. In Saudi Arabia execution is openly done. In those countries the crime rate has become drastically low.

Thus, I most and appreciably welcome the president’s strong commitment to enact the capital punishment in Sri Lanka to witness a crime free society!

Z. A. M. Shukoor


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