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UNP committed to safeguard country’s unity - Hashim

The UNP is committed to protect and safeguard the country's unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty, UNP Chairman Minister Kabir Hashim said.

He said a long line of UNP leaders have sacrificed their lives in defence of the country's unity and territorial integrity during the past.This proved that the UNP had always stood by these principles he said when he called on the Malwatte and Asgiriya Prelates at their respective Temples in Kandy and received their blessings yesterday.

Hashim said the UNP will steadfastly preserve the pre-eminent position accorded to Buddhism. He dismissed as mere calumny the allegations made by opponents that the UNP was trying to divide the country and deny Buddhism its pre-eminent position.

He said he would discuss all these allegations with authority as UNP chairman.

The Malwatte prelate in his anusasana said development of rural roads should be given attention in addition to expressways and highways. He said it was the duty of both the Government and Provincial Councils and local councils to join hands and develop rural roads without trying to blame each other on this score.

He said if late President Premadasa did not build the William Gopallawa Mawatha during his tenure, traffic would have been further aggravated in Kandy.

Hashim said the government had allocated vast funds to develop rural roads through the ‘Gamperaliya’ programme a short term and mid term programme would be implemented soon to solve traffic congestion in Kandy.

Provincial Council member Hidayith Sattar, MMC Raja Pushpakumara and Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation Chairman Dharmasiri Bandara Karunaratne accompanied Minister Kabir Hashim.


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