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Three Uva PC members cross over

Three Uva Provincial Councillors including former chief minister Shasheendra Rajapaksa crossed over to the Opposition benches yesterday in protest of a statement by Uva Chief Minister Chamara Sampath Dasanayake.

The other two councillors who joined Rajapaksa were Kumarasiri Ratnayake and Sudarshana Denipitiya. They sat on the Opposition benches stating that they will act as independent members in the Uva PC hereafter.

A no-confidence motion brought against Uva Chief Minister Chamara Dasanayake was dismissed at the Council yesterday, as it did not carry the required number of signatures.

The Council’s monthly meeting was chaired by A.M. Buddhadasa. The no-confidence motion was handed over to the Chairman by Independent Council Member Chaminda Janaka Tissakuttiya Arachchi. The no-confidence motion carried only seven signatures, whereas it required 12 signatures.

The members protested against a statement by the Uva Chief Minister at an SLFP rally in Thambuttegama in Anuradhapura where he criticised the Uva PC members. 


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