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Shortcomings at national centre for Thalassaemia

The National Centre for treating Thalassaemia patients at the General Hospital, Kurunegala has several shortcomings at present and medical authorities there find it difficult to provide a satisfactory service to patients.

The centre is located in a small building and functioning for over 15 years without a proper building with adequate space. There are not enough service personnel at present to meet the service requirements. In addition, there is no official vehicle to carry out urgent service requirements. This centre has been recognised by the Health Services Department as a well –managed Thalassaemia treatment centre. It was opened in 2003 and at that time, about 300 patients were registered. However, by July, the number of patients increased to 1,100. To treat these patients, about 120 pints of blood are needed daily. “I appeal to the Health Ministry to direct their attention to this centre promptly to solve the existing service problems,” said Dr. Dayanda Bandara, the Consultant who is the Officer in Charge of this treatment centre.


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