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Radhika out to improve Nepal’s rugby standard

Radhika Hettiarachchi is seen here with the Nepal National players
Radhika Hettiarachchi is seen here with the Nepal National players

Former Sri Lanka national rugby captain cum champion young coach Radhika Hettiarachchi took over the head coaching position of both Nepal men’s and women’s national sevens teams last month with the blessings of former Sri Lanka rugby (SLR) president Asanga Seneviratne.

Nepal Police Higher Secondary School, also known as the star factory which is situated 28 kms north of Kathmandu. has produced several talented ruggerites it is no surprise they are eager to learn fast and do well in this beautiful game of rugby. It is this school that also produced Nepal Rugby’s first national sevens captain Nabin Giri.

Giri, captained Nepal men’s Sevens team in 2016 and 2017 in an Asian Rugby Development Sevens competition and have since moved on to play club rugby in Japan for the Tokyo Crusaders Rugby Football Club. Hettiarachchi the head coach of Nepal national sevens teams both men’s and women’s has been putting in several structured coaching programs along with intense physical high performance training where he hopes that both national teams will produce improved performances in the future.

Radhika attended all the training sessions physically day in and day out and has expressed his satisfaction with the young players’ progress. He also carried out several rugby programs to give players more opportunity to play competitively. NRA is preparing for the Asian Rugby sevens tournament next month under the watchful eyes of their highly talented and dedicated head coach Radhika Hettiarachchi Speaking exclusively to the Daily news from Nepal he said “I have done everything possible teaching them the basics of rugby while putting them on intense physical high performance training to improve their physical fitness levels along with strength and conditioning. To be very honest they are learning very fast and improved immensely the fitness levels. Finally I will put my 100% effort to see them doing well in the upcoming Asian sevens in Singapore as well as in Brunai and wanted both Nepal national men’s and women’s sevens rugby teams to climb in the rankings in the Asian rugby circuit” concluded Hettiarachchi.


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