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Fast Fashion Korean Brand XIMIVOGUE Launched in Sri Lanka

XIMIVOGUE, a fast fashion merchandise brand was launched in Sri Lanka for the first time with the brand being accentuated with the opening of the first store in Maharagama. The new outlet was unveiled recently and accommodates various products such as household items, health and beauty, seasonal products, plush dolls and toys, digital accessories, exquisite products and bags and stationery.

Ximivogue, originally a Korean based designer brand which was established in 2015, headquartered at the Guangzhou International Finance Center in Guangdong, China. Ever since the brand was launched globally, XIMIVOGUE has swiftly managed to gain immense popularity and has expanded extensively with over 1400 outlets covering over 47 countries and regions worldwide.

“Our focus has always been to elevate fashion and consumer shopping experiences and offering something new to the people of Sri Lanka. With the launch of XIMIVOGUE into Sri Lanka, the country’s retail sector as well as savvy consumers will greatly benefit from quality, global designer products available at amazing prices and all under one roof. We no doubt believe that this new brand will grow on the public and give each shopper the chance to experience what it is like to shop at a designer branded outlet right here in Sri Lanka,’ XIMIVOGUE Sri Lanka Managing Director, M.N.M Nazmi states in a press release.

Within a short period of time, the lifestyle brand has penetrated into markets spanning Australia, Israel, Singapore, Russia, Iran, Malaysia, Dubai, Nepal, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi, Arabia, Vietnam and many more. A special attribute that XIMIVOGUE products entail is the product quality and with the brand being known internationally, ensures that their products are available at reasonable prices.

  Another special feature that Sri Lankan consumers can anticipate from XIMIVOGUE is that the designs found here have been created by Korean designers and manufactured in China. Sri Lanka has always been acquainted with Korean culture, especially through entities such as Korean drama, cuisine and even K-pop, so consumers can yet again enjoy another dimension of Korea from the whole XIMIVOGUE experience.


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