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This is my last shot at finding a home for Lekha and Rekha- I cannot afford to board them any further as it’s already been four months of boarding for Lekha and it’s high time that they are free and not kenneled.

I wrote about Lekha a few weeks back but did not receive a positive response. She’s very lovable and gentle with kids. As previously mentioned she and her newly born nine pups were taken away based on a false complaint. Lekha was very malnourished when I found her but after rescuing and struggling to find funds to board her, and her pups I was able to rehome eight pups. Sadly one puppy was not so lucky. Even though I was able to rehome her to family with children, I received information that she was being abused and so I immediately rescued her and at present she’s in the boarding with Lekha too.

I never really realized how close they were until quite recently. As all mother dogs do, I thought with time Lekha must have forgotten all about her little girl who I had rehomed 3-4 months ago. But within a few days, they grew so fond of one other. And as much as it’s hard to face the truth, I know that I will have to separate them one day if they get good homes but I’m hoping and praying that someone will want to adopt them both as they are very inseparable and share a bond that’s unbreakable.

Despite all my efforts, the ugly truth is that not many people want to adopt an older dog or an older puppy. Many contact me for smaller pups. It's high time that I settle their outstanding boarding charges too.

I would have loved to have adopted both of them but unfortunately I live in a rented house with many rescue dogs/cats and do not have the facilities/space to keep them both.

If you would like to adopt/foster this loving girl Lekha (4- 5 years old) and her naughty daughter Rekha (5-6 months old) or if you can even adopt one of them, then please Contact Sahana on 0777567122. Both are sterilized and have been vaccinates for rabies, pavo and DHL.



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