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Ganesan says he is disappointed

National Coexistence, Dialogue and Official Languages Minister Mano Ganesan said he was disappointed with the government for not providing houses to the Eastern and Northern Province people. He said the Indian Government and the Army built the houses, not the government.

He was addressing the media yesterday at the Ministry.

Minister Ganesan said the government promised to provide 300,000 houses for northern and eastern people but they did not provide even a single house for them.

“The Indian Government built nearly 45,000 houses and the army also built houses. But the government did nothing,” he said.

He blamed Minister Swaminathan for not taking any initiative to build houses and said the housing projects are stuck at the offices of the President and Prime Minister. Minister Ganesan said he would soon reveal all details about them to the media.

He said people in North and East are blaming Minister Swaminathan.

He said parliamentarians should know Sinhala and Tamil and these languages should be made mandatory for MPs.

He said MPs were provided classes to learn Sinhala and Tamil but no one attended. 


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