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Conferment of Chief Adhikarana Sanganayaka today

Ven. Lagumdeniye Piyarathana Thera has been conferred the title of Chief Adhikarana Sanganayaka of the Polonnaruwa and Tamankaduwa regions and the title of Saddharmavageesvara Dhammarakkitha by the Karaka Sanga Sabha of the Malwatte Chapter.

Born in Lagumdeniya, a grama sevaka division in Doluwa Divisional Secretariat in Kandy District, Ven. Piyarathana Thera had his secondary education at Harangala Central College in the Nuwara Eliya District.

After tutelage and ordination by the Most Ven. Haragala Sri Wimalaratha Thera, the Chief Incumbent of Sri Sakyasinharama Temple in Polonnaruwa, Ven. Piyarathana Thera studied Pali and Buddhism and later learned English and Sanskrit from the Chief Priest at the Sugathabimbarama Temple in Pansalgodalla. Two well-recognised Maha Pirivenas, Matale Navula Dammananda and Maratugoda Vidumina in Kandy, were the Thera’s alma maters.

Ven. Piyarathana Thera secured his higher education in the field of Library and Information Science offering a BA special degree at Kelaniya University, where he also obtained a two-year Master’s Degree in the same subject. He was appointed as a lecturer and promoted to senior lecturer and later became the Head the Department of Library and Information Science, University of Kelaniya, in which post he has served up to now. The Sannasa of Chief Adhikarana Sanganayaka will be conferred on the Thera at a ceremony in Kandy today. A welcome ceremony will be held tomorrow in Sri Sakyasinharama Temple, Sansungama, Kavudulla, Polonnaruwa at the auspicious time of 2.00 pm. The appointment is a great honour to Ven. Piyarathana Thera and to the Sasana, as well as to the Kelaniya University.


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