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Facelift for Ninewells Caring for life

 Director Marketing Nilantha Rathnayake, Ninewells Director Dr.  Thiasha Fernando, Director of Ninewells board and Group Director of  Access Shamal Perera, Ninewells Medical Director Dr.  Vibash Wijeratne, Director Admin and Logistics, Major General Siri Ranaweera and General Manager, North Wing, Tharanga Weerasuriya Pictures by Ruwan De Silva
Director Marketing Nilantha Rathnayake, Ninewells Director Dr. Thiasha Fernando, Director of Ninewells board and Group Director of Access Shamal Perera, Ninewells Medical Director Dr. Vibash Wijeratne, Director Admin and Logistics, Major General Siri

From birth to the twilight years of her life, the woman plays an important part in maintaining the balance in life along with men. Both sexes are interdependent and complement each other. Though not the ultimate goal of a woman, she shines in motherhood as a guardian of a child, showering that child with tender love raising her sons to become princes and her daughters to become as strong as her. The woman’s influence in the life of a child cannot be dismissed. She is vital to the flow and energy in life.

Sri Lanka’s only private sector hospital specializing total mother and baby care, Ninewells Hospital re-launched its corporate identity with renewed focus, expanding its emphasis to the entirety of woman and child care. There is no doubt that Ninewells is renowned as the best private hospital for maternity care. Mothers and children matter to Ninewells the most.

Ninewells, Director Marketing, Nilantha Rathnayake, pointed out that Ninewells hospital is the only dedicated specialized women and childcare hospital in the large hospital category in the country. Other hospitals also offer the same service but as a part of their general service portfolio. Not as a specialist in that segment of the market.

“The core business is still maternity care and we deliver almost 600 babies a month and 4,500 babies a year, and while doing that we thought we needed to broaden our scope giving added facilities to women’s health, so we have established the Healthy Woman’s Center as well as all other facilities and we have looked at broadening the fertility center. Our success rate in the fertility center in comparison to other hospitals is very high. We will be improving the fertility center as well,” said Rathnayake.

Ninewells Medical Director Dr. Vibash Wijeratne, said that Ninewells has taken a strategic decision, from repositioning of its brand from mother and baby to a woman and child care hospital.

“By doing so, Ninewells is able to take care of a larger audience. When you say woman it encapsulates pregnancy, new born baby, grown up baby, the toddler, teenager, adolescence, grown up woman and becoming pregnant. We can take care of the entire life cycle of a woman in that way. We are a 110 bed hospital and we have dedicated 60 to women care and another 40 beds for pediatric,” said Wijeratne.

Wijeratne pointed out that they have done a complete revamp into the website and the APP is very informative and interactive.

“Under Access international, the hospital is now being managed by professionals in hospital management. And staff training, specifically nursing, inclusions of best doctors and consultants offering services, capacity building and introducing quality and best practices are some of them,” said Wijeratne.

Ninewells, Director, Dr. Thiasha Fernando, said that Ninewells has always been reputed to be a mother and baby hospital.

“We have now repositioned ourselves and expand more to cater to women and child care. This means that we can provide broader health care for women throughout their entire life cycle, starting from the birth of a baby. We have a very good NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit) team. Our care also involves pediatric care, Gynecological treatment and Obstetric care. We also have sub specialties like pediatric dentistry, ENT and a state of the art radiology department as well. Our web site gives a lot of information and it is very user friendly and accessible,” she explained.

“The APP focuses on our core business which is the mother and baby, giving the mother information every week while the baby is growing in the womb and give some comfort tips on pregnancy and having a baby and being a new mother,” said Fernando. Fernando pointed out that sustainable care is always at hand for the mother and children. The team at Ninewells is one of the best in the country with state of the art technology and facilities.

This is because family is most important to them. Their vision is good quality standardized health care for women and children.

Director of Ninewells board and Group Director of Access International main board, Shamal Perera pointed out that the initiative of the hospital is to give unparalleled service to expecting mothers and women before expecting and after they deliver the child and as they grow older, give a service unparalleled in healthcare and wellness in Sri Lanka. “Ninewells is the only specialized hospital in the country. We believe we are in a niche area of a business that has a lot of scope and we want to bring happiness to parents. You can see this when someone becomes a parent for the first time.

It is a fantastic feeling and we believe there is a lot of room for growth in this sector. We have around 4,500 babies being born at Ninewells every year and we believe it is the highest in the private sector in the country.

We pride ourselves on this. We have all the facilities needed. We are equipped for any situation whether it is a mother or a child. We give superior service,” Perera said.



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