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Clinical waste disposal issue at Karapitiya Hospital

Clinical waste disposal at the Galle Karapitiya Teaching Hospital has come to a stanstill for several weeks now posing a grave health hazard to the public.

This is owing to a practical impediment faced by the contracting company responsible for the removal of the hospital's clinical waste.

The contractors who operated their incinerating plant in Mulleriyawa has faced a public outcry owing to which they had to stop the waste discarding process, it is learnt.

The incinerator installed at the hospital had been devastated and subsequently deactivated and it had not been replaced with a new one despite numerous requests made to Health Ministry authorities.

The accumulation of clinical waste prevails even at the Matara General Hospital and several other private hospitals in the area.

Hospital Director Dr. Jayampathi Senanayake admitted that the disposal of clinical waste has happened due to a snag faced by the contractors which has left clinical waste accumulating in large quantities creating a severe health risk.

The incinerator at the hospital has also ceased to function for a long time.


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