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Ban imposed on distributing films by NFC, extended


Colombo District Court further extended its Enjoining Order today preventing the National Film Corporation from distributing films in the country, until July 25.

Colombo District Court Judge R.B.C. Ratnayake made this order pursuant to a lawsuit filed by four companies E.A.P. Films and Theatres Ltd, Movie Producers and Importers Ltd, Lanka Films Distributors Company Ltd and Cinema Entertainment (pvt) Ltd.

The government had announced that a decision had been taken to handle the distribution of films only through the National Film Corporation and the private sector cannot handle any distribution of films.

The plaintiffs stated that the exercise a stringent policy towards the private sector by National Film Corporation which reduced the margin of the private sector reduced the revenue of the distribution companies.

They further stated that the monopoly over the entire local cinema industry by the National Film Corporation has not proved effective both in formulating policies to meet the new developments and in the management of the distribution of local films and other related activities.


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