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Dancer’s brightness

The role of personality in dance is an important factor. In any dance form, whether it is a modern dance form, folk dance form, fusion dance form, a classical dance, or even if it is a ritual dance form to some extent, the personality plays an important role. For dance body and personality are the part and parcel of the art. In any dance form, the body is an instrument.

Make-up enhances the personality of the dancer. Hence maintaining the figure is an important factor for dance. Each dance form has its unique make-up and distinctive costumes. Most of the oriental classical dance forms, folk dance forms and ritual dance forms have their old age links, traditions and historical background and religious affiliations. To enhance the personality of the dancers they should put suitable makeup, despite their natural beautiful features. It is very much needed for the classical dance artists. Any performing artiste, whether it is a dancer, drama artiste, teledrama artiste, or silver screen artiste the personality plays an important role.

Character necessity

However, for drama artistes, teledrama artistes, or silver screen artists, the selective role and the makeup factor are chosen according to the need and necessity of the character. However, the oriental classical dances, folk dances and ritual dance forms have the selective and distinctive make-up of their own. The folk dance forms and the ritual dance forms belong to Desi dance forms. That means it is confined to a particular limited Pradesh or area. Yet most of these dance forms do not gain the worldwide recognition.

The folk dances and ritual dances are mostly performed in open-air theatres. In these folk and ritual dance forms, the personality of the artists is not considered serious. But on the other hand, any classical dance form, in spite of its distinctive make-up and costumes, has certain basic personal qualities needed for a classical dancer.

The classical dance form is much more polished by numerous factors as well as by sophisticated techniques which have gained worldwide recognition. The basic attraction for these classical dance forms is the dancers’ personality.

Classical guidelines

Numerous ancient dance scripts still describe and provide the aesthetic values and guidelines to the classical dance forms. Among the instructions given in the ancient scripts, the quality and the duties of the teachers and the nature and the personality of the students are well defined. The professional performers are less, as compared to the stage dance performers. Today the students are mostly staging performers. Hence, the stage performers must have a suitable figure for the dance.

The type and the nature of the personality of the dance students are given in the ancient dance scripts. According to the ancient spiritual dance scripts, the dancer must be of fair complexion. The face must be beautiful like a lotus flower. She must not be too fat or too thin. As for the intelligence, the dancer should be very sharp. Further, she should have a thorough knowledge of the theory and the practical side of the dance, mainly about the Thala (rhythm), Kala (speed) and Laya (balancing the Thala and Kala) scales. The dancer should be very obedient and able to interpret the meaning smoothly through hand gestures and facial expressions.

The dancer is supposed to have a good voice and knowledge in the classical vocal music. She must cultivate and inherit such good qualities and habits such as humility. She must be polite and respect God, guru, elders and hermits.

First appearance

The first appearance of the dancer should be very attractive to the audience like a full moon with brightness.

These qualities are given in the ancient dance scripts but today one cannot expect all these qualities and guidelines given in the age-old scripts.

Unfortunately, today parents and students are involved in dance, without considering their personalities. To a certain extent, numerous pancake make-up and colour base can improve basic complexion.

However, the size of the figure cannot be changed. It is necessary that whether a dancer or dance teacher must maintain their figure throughout their life. Personality is the part and parcel of the art form.


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