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‘Court cases against SAITM opposes unacceptable’

Justice should be served for medical students, doctors and parents who fought against the SAITM, Media Spokesman for the State Medical Students' Parents' Union Wasantha Alwis said.

Addressing the media in Colombo yesterday, he said over 12,000 LTTE terrorists received a pardon. Similarly, a pardon should be granted for medical students, doctors, Bhikkus, parents of state medical students etc. who are now facing legal action. They should be pardoned, released and justice should be served, he said.

According to Alwis, court cases had been filed against those who stood against the SAITM, pressing fabricated charges.

“Now, medical students have to appear before courts wasting their valuable time allocated for attending lectures. This is totally unacceptable. LTTE terrorists fought to destroy the country and medical students fought to protect free education,” Alwis said.

“Ignoring all recommendations, it had been decided to absorb the SAITM students to the Kotalawela Defence University on three simple passes in the Advanced Level Examination. But with three simple passes, nobody can obtain a job, even as a minor employee in an institution at present. It is totally unacceptable to accommodate unqualified students, wasting valuable tax money of the people, he added. 


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Ignorant parent Wasantha Alwis band should be accountable for malicious accusation of SAITM causing 3 year loss of 980 youth life. Not one admitted violating UGC criteria at time of admission. What jealousy and wickedness.These parents if imprisoned, students could do better. Alwis oracle still lying about unqualified students and tax payer's money. SAITM paid the full stipulated fees of their own money, are compassionate, non destructively motivated to serve SL in spite of weird, insane, jealous other's obstruction. May the KDU prosper for receiving to train unjustly crushed students, who will now blossom and do excellently well.

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