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JLanka to introduce Trinahome, Smart Energy Management Solution

Daphne Chee Chin Yee
Daphne Chee Chin Yee

One of Lanka’s solar solutions providers, JLanka introduced Trinahome, Smart Energy Management Solution recently.

As market leaders, JLanka Technologies plays an important role in implementing the most efficient solar solutions through their partnerships with global solar industry leaders such as Trina Solar, ranked as a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer and the most bankable PV module manufacturer in the world. One such innovative solution that will soon be introduced to the market through this partnership is Trinahome – a complete residential solar solution for the evolving energy consumer.

“Drawing from 20 years of manufacturing excellence, Trina Solar has evolved from being a module manufacturer to a services and solutions provider in the global solar landscape. One such solution that has been successful across our home base in China is the Trinahome solution.” stated Ms. Daphne Chee Chin Yee, the Trinahome Business Lead for Asia Pacific and Middle East during her visit to Sri Lanka recently.

With over 15,000 Trinahome units installed in China just last year, Trina Solar wished to explore the demand for the product across the Asia Pacific.

“While the market size and accessibility to the source were key reasons why we approached countries such as India and Australia, Sri Lanka was a country that showed major progress in terms of solar policies. Since Trina Solar was already the leading solar panel used in Sri Lankan installations, we are collaborating with our local partner JLanka to introduce the Trinahome solution to the Sri Lankan market.”

From solar panels to inverters, from the mounting system to grid box and cables, Trinahome contains the components (additional customization as per required) necessary to construct, install and operate a technologically advanced residential solar system.

“What we at JLanka always emphasize is on the ‘Balance of System’ (BoS) in a solar solution,” Engineer Silva continued. “This includes all components of the solar solution excluding the solar panels. We are looking at wiring, switches, the mounting system, the type and number of inverters, battery banks and battery charges. The Trinahome solar solution is one that guarantees the perfect BoS and installation standards. It is a compact, modular solution that will suit any residential energy need.”

“With a five year standard warranty for the Trinahome solution, we also offer a 10 year panel product warranty as well as a 25 year panel performance warranty.”


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