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‘Postal Service trade union action unacceptable’

Postal Service trade union action cannot be accepted at this juncture even though they have several justifiable reasons, Postal Ministry Secretary and Postmaster General said.

Several Postal Ministry Trade Unions were demanding the Government to settle several issues. The issues were created by the 6/2006 circular. One such issue is cancellation of “Class 3” category from the postal service, he said.

Postmaster General D.L P. Rohana Abeyaratne addressing the media yesterday at the Postal Ministry said that the 6/2006 circular resulted in keeping a postal service employee at the same post for 40 years before they are promoted to the next position. Therefore, the demand to cancel the Class 3 is justifiable, he said.

He said the trade union action has caused an immense loss to the Postal Service. Transactions valued around Rs. 159 million are taken place daily. The trade union action stopped them.

Ministry Secretary R.M.D.B. Meegasmulla said the union action is not reasonable but they have several justifiable reasons.

“A Cabinet paper was submitted and evaluated by a Cabinet Sub Committee chaired by Minister Sarath Amunugama. The Sub Committee received the Cabinet paper on June 11 and said they need two weeks to resolve the issues. However, the Trade Unions opted for trade union action on June 11 without giving time for the Committee to look into the matter. Then the Secretary said the trade union action cannot be accepted. The unions should have given enough time to the Committee to look into the issues,” he said.

He said that of five issues, three were settled by the Committee and the other two will be resolved as soon as possible.

Meegasmulla said the Postal Service incurred an irreparable loss especially to its Airmail and Speed Post Courier Service due to the Trade Union action.


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