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Green light for cricket board elections

Court of Appeal vacates interim order:
All parties agree to call for fresh nominations:

The Court of Appeal yesterday decided to vacate its Interim Order dated May 31, 2018 staying the holding of the election that was scheduled to be held on last May 31 to elect the office bearers of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC).

Court of Appeal (President) Preethi Padman Surasena and Justice Arjuna Obeysekara made this order pursuant to a writ petition filed by Former Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) Secretary Nishantha Ranatunga.

All parties to the petition agreed to call for fresh nominations to conduct an election under the prevailing laws to elect the office bearers of SLC.

Former SLC Secretary Nishantha Ranatunga had filed this writ petition in the Court of Appeal seeking a writ order preventing SLC, its office bearers from permitting Thilanga Sumathipala to hold the post of SLC President in any manner whatsoever after the SLC election scheduled to be held on May 31 this year.

All parties including former SLC Secretary Nishantha Ranatunga agreed to annul the validity of nominations called for the election of May 31. They also agreed to call for a fresh election. The fresh election will be conducted in accordance with the Sports Laws.

The calling of nominations would be opened enabling any party to raise objections regarding the nomination of the candidates. The authority conducting election must provide sufficient time to raise objections.

Meanwhile, Senior Deputy Solicitor General Sumathi Dharmawardena appearing for the Sports Minister undertook to produce in court a road map for the election under the instructions of the Sports Authorities. However, Romesh de Silva PC appearing for the petitioner informed court that he is challenging the eligibility of Thilanga Sumathipala to contest the election and thereby the petitioner would proceed with the petition.

Romesh de Silva PC: the respondents can get a date to file objections. Sumathipala is not instrumental to contest the election.

Therefore, fix this matter for argument.

Counsel Navin Marapana (counsel for Thilanga Sumathipala): This case is being used to show that there are no more elections. This case shall not be a bar.

Romesh de Silva PC: We are not objecting to conducting the election.

We are only asking to conduct the election without the participation of Sumathipala. In view of these agreements, the Court of Appeal observed that there is no necessity to extend the Interim Order.

The petition fixed for July 5.

Meanwhile, the Court of Appeal also decided to re-issue notices on the respondents in the writ petition.

The petitioner cited 27 persons including incumbent SLC President Thilanga Sumathipala, Sports Minister Faiszer Musthapha, the members of the SLC Election Committee, members of SLC Executive Committee and several others as respondents.

The petitioner stated that the purported appointment of the Election Committee on May 19, 2018 violates the SLC constitution, the Sports Laws and regulations.

He further alleged that the objections raised by him for the disqualification of Sumathipala were not considered at the election committee.

The petitioner is further seeking an order preventing the SLC from permitting Thilanga Sumathipala to contest for the post of SLC President.

President’s Counsel Romesh de Silva appeared for the petitioner.

Counsel Navin Marapana appeared for Thilanga Sumathipala.

Sanjeewa Jayawardena PC appeared for former SLC Chairman Jayantha Darmadasa. President’s Counsel Kalinga Indatissa with Ali Sabry PC, Kanag-iswaran PC and counsel Asela Rekawa, Pulasthi Rupasinghe appeared for other respondents.


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