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Coal scam


A massive fraud in importing coal has been happening in the country from 2009, Megalopolis and Western Development Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka said yesterday.

“This is many times greater than the Bond issue. There are many who have profited from this fraudulent process. I urge the President to appoint a Presidential Commission and conduct a comprehensive investigation from 2009 onwards, based on the recommendations of the Auditor General’s report.

“How can a single company be repeatedly given the contract to import coal, while several other tenders were called periodically but was later cancelled, giving this single company sole authority, the minister queried at a media conference yesterday.

“Those who are responsible for allowing this single company to obtain this coal contract consecutively, should be exposed through this investigation. He said the company’s official and unofficial representatives and their activities during the elections and in the political field should also be investigated.”

He pointed out that several media organisations were set up with this coal money and a fascist media culture was established to attack targeted politicians and this should also be investigated.

Supreme Sat had claimed they were sending a satellite to orbit and another company named Torian who were working with them should also be investigated, Ranawaka said, adding that their connection should be revealed and those behind this fraudulent satellite launch should be exposed.

“It should also be investigated whether a certain LTTE terrorist group was given money in 2014 on the pretext of supplying coal to South Africa and those behind that scam should also be revealed.

Further, it should also be investigated whether there was a sinister plan to have the 2015 Presidential Election boycotted in the North with the assistance of the LTTE,” the Minister said.

He noted that he has all the documents to support these charges and is prepared to come before a Presidential Commission and give evidence as there are many who are behind this huge scam far greater than the Bond scam.

“With regard to the coal scam, I am the one person who had done a comprehensive analysis about the whole coal import process. “I have also presented a proposal to the Economic Commission through the Cabinet,” he said.


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Please do not burden the minds of ordinary us with all these profound statements on Scams ..What is not a scam in my country where the attitude is not based on the four Noble truths and the eight fold path to achieve it ..Even going to a religious place and those rights that are not the ideology of the Person who tried to teach liberation to the people ..seem somewhat hoodwinking people and the sum total becomes a scam .

I suppose minister is trying to ask Santa Clause to deliver a lump of coal to Tilak Siyabalapitya for Christmas.

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