offers lowest islandwide delivery rates | Daily News offers lowest islandwide delivery rates

Online shopping has become increasingly popular in Sri Lanka over the past decade due to its easy accessibility and inexpensive prices., Sri Lanka an online deals store for household appliances and electronics, provides the most secure online payment methods and the lowest islandwide delivery rates in the country.

If you are looking for the best deal on a specific product, then BigDeals is the perfect choice. With incredible discounts ranging from 20% to even 60%, BigDeals allows you to save more on your purchases. You can also enjoy amazing credit card offers as BigDeals is the only online shopping site to provide up to 48 months’ 0% payment schemes from leading banks without any hidden charges or interest.

Plus, BigDeals accepts any credit, debit and master card payment as well as fund transfers and bank deposits, whilst providing an online payment gateway that makes purchasing your products highly safe and secure.

When you are concerned about using a credit card to make purchases on BigDeals, you can utilize the Call2Buy option. On BigDeals, you can conveniently browse through discounts for more than 1000 products ranging from washing machines and refrigerators to smartphones and smart TVs. This is due to the fact that the website includes an easy-to-use web navigation bar that generates a drop-down menu when you click on it, which enables you to choose your preferred product category.

The website’s upcoming major revamp, which will make BigDeals on par with global online malls like Amazon, will host a vast reach of leading world-renowned international brands, providing an enhanced online shopping experience for consumers. Further, BigDeals’ fast delivery makes waiting for your purchases to arrive a more relaxing experience.

By collaborating with ABS Courier, a reputed domestic courier that is a part of the Abans Group, BigDeals ensures that your products are delivered to you in a timely, secure manner.

Embark on a shopping spree in the comfort of your home and access the best deals in Sri Lanka by logging onto .


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