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‘Present govt. doesn’t use kangaroo courts to convict corrupt’

The present government does not apply the law in kangaroo court–style like the ex-regime did, Minister Harin Fernando said yesterday. “The present government does it by the book, and the people who are not accustomed to such mature democracy find fault with us.”

Minister Fernando said that he accepts that there are delays in executing law against corruption and misuse of public money, but observed that the process will be accelerated after establishing the anti-corruption high courts.

“Most of these corrupt persons act macho because of the law’s delays. They can buy time, but not for long. When the anti-corruption high courts are up and running, things will change. Some people hold us responsible for the law’s delays.

We cannot take the law into our own hands, like the ex-regime took Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka into custody. We don’t use Rajapaksa’s way to execute the law. We take the right way, slow as it is. However, I believe it is better late than never,” he said.

MInister Fernando was speaking at a press conference held at Sirikotha yesterday morning.

He said that many have mistaken the mature democracy policy upheld by the government to be a weak characteristic. “We are not dictators. But most of our people are used to dictatorship. When the TNL repeater transmission tower was closed down, MPs representing both the government and the Opposition rose to raise their concerns. Would it have been possible under the previous regime? Now, we criticize the President and the Prime Minister. People and trade unions are freely holding demonstrations, fighting for their rights. This is mature democracy. Following the proper legal procedures is not a failure of the government, it is success,” he said.

Referring to the recent emotional farewell given by the rehabilitated ex-LTTE cardres to Commander of Civil Security Department in Mullaittivu, Colonel Ranapriya Bandu, Minister Fernando observed that it is this kind of humane military the country needs. “Strength is not fighting, it is how much one can win people’s hearts,” he said.

“This is how the military should reach the general public. Militarisation promoted by former the defence secretary is not the way. There is a new Friday tabloid newspaper that has attacked me. According to certain sources, the funds for this newspaper come from a person in Kandy, a ‘Gota-bhaya’ disciple,” Minister Fernando said. 


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