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Gota’s sudden love for Muslims

It appears that the Rajapaksas are at great pains to reconcile with the Muslim community which was virtually under siege during the latter stage of the former regime. A series of Ifthar ceremonies are currently being held with the participation of Mahinda Rajapaksa who do not fail to mention about the recent Kandy incidents and squarely lay the blame on the Yahapalanaya Government. Efforts are also being made to show that the Muslims were now repenting for voting en-bloc against Mahinda Rajapaksa on January 8 and to make out that the results of the recent local government election was a clear indication that Muslims have once again returned to the Rajapaksa fold.

Not to be outdone, former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa too has been busy these days attending Ifthar ceremonies, when not presiding over “Vipath Maga” sessions, and going to great lengths to endear himself to the Muslim community. Attending an Ifthar ceremony at a leading star class hotel the other day, Rajapaksa junior did a mea culpa of sorts saying they (meaning the Rajapaksas) could have done certain things differently without leaving room for opportunists. He was of course referring to the rash of incidents targeting the Muslim community during the tailend of Rajapaksa rule. An English language Daily quoted Gota thus; “The lies that were spread within the community and the actions that were instigated to cause unfortunate incidents led to a perception that the Muslim community has cause to be wary of the Rajapaksa administration. This is very far from the truth.” Continuing he said; “However those Muslim leaders who work closely with me and the former government know very well that we took great care to uphold the security and dignity of the Muslim people under very sensitive circumstances”. He further said the false impression created by the lies and orchestrated incidents was so strong that they were unable to convince many in the Muslim community about the sincerity of their actions.

The Muslims present at the Ifthar attended by Gota may have been a handpicked audience loyal to the Rajapaksas. However the Muslim community at large could not have forgotten the events that unfolded during the last days of the Rajapaksa regime. When Gotabhaya says that they (meaning the Rajapaksas) took great care to uphold the dignity of the Muslim people under very sensitive circumstances he was being economical with the truth, to put it mildly.

How could he have upheld the dignity of Muslims by being pictured with a Buddhist monk who was running amok heaping calumny and gravely insulting the Muslim community, and their faith, by the latter’s virulent anti-halal campaign, to only name just one of a series of attacks launched against the community. Can the dignity of Muslims be more wounded than when GR is seen declaring open an office of the Bodhu Bala Sena, led by the self same maverick monk, only days after the latter leading the Aluthgama mayhem where mosques and businesses of Muslims were set on fire and many members of the community killed?

He mentions about actions that were instigated to cause unfortunate incidents implying of course the anti-Rajapaksa elements. What, as the all powerful Defence Secretary, did he do when mobs led by the saffron brigade were hurling stones and causing damage to leading Muslim business establishments such as the Fashion Bug, while the police looked on. Was this the work of local and foreign elements attempting to drive a wedge between the Rajapaksa government and the Muslims, as reiterated by GR at the Ifthar ceremony?

Nay, elections were fast approaching and this “see no evil” approach by the Rajapaksas, vis-a-vis attacks on the Muslim community, was clearly a means of harvesting the hard line nationalist vote in the South as was plain to anyone even with a modicum of intelligence. At a time when anti-Muslim sentiments were running high in the South it was, indeed, politik not to rock the boat by taking action against the perpetrators. Hence, the kid glove treatment given to the likes of Ven. Gnanasara, in the face of the virulent anti-Muslim campaign.

Rajapaksa, also at the Ifthar, spoke about uniting all communities living in this country. He said the intention of the Rajapaksa government was always to create a nation where Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims and people from every community in this country can get on with their lives, knowing that they are safe.

This from an individual whose brother, while he was President, banned the singing of the National Anthem in Tamil in schools and at public functions in the North and held “Victory Parades” in such a manner making the Tamil community feel they were a conquered race. So much for promoting unity.

It is plain to one and all that Gota is busy trying to win over the alienated Muslims knowing very well that he has as much a chance as a snowball in hell in inveigling the Tamil community in his all too obvious Presidential bid. 


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Politicians aiming for dignity and success must have a clean purified mind eith clear vision for country it's prople not in idosaltion of one or another. Nation is nation. Humanity will not change. Pathological proceeds of human mind winning elections eith introducing laws paralyzingly the minorities is evil thought those politicians must go and get fame directing provincial councils. Honesty dignity docial harmony vital for prosperity of the country

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