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[APPRECIATIONS - (11-06-2018)]

Madhawa Ganegoda

He was versatile

June 7 was the sixth death anniversary of our dearest ran putha, Madhawa Ganegoda. When you departed, you left within our hearts, a haunting poignancy. Our eyes and ears are still on you, though we could no longer speak with you; you have wandered into an unknown realm where we could never meet.

We are proud to remember the milestones you achieved during your short time here. Those achievements added value to your parents, colleagues and also to your alma mater; Mahinda College.

At school, you gave the Media Unit your all, becoming the best announcer of the Southern Province at the Thurunu Shakthi Programme. Your favourite subject was Mass Media and Communication. You were the Deputy Head Prefect in 2001 and won the Best Announcer's Award at the All-Island Inter-School Competition held at Ananda College, Colombo. You later obtained a Political Science Degree.

Your first step into the television industry was the professional education you received at the Maharagama Youth Services Council, where you were awarded Best Student of The Year. Even though you began your professional career with the Sirasa television network, the then budding Derana television channel became your home.

With all the commitments and love you had towards your job, you became the first presenter of the Wada Pitiya programme conducted by Derana. You always demonstrated your talents and knowledge during all such programmes.

You yourself selected your career path without any guidance and that was the strength which elevated you to the position of the Derana Dream Star Senior Executive Producer. At the Mahinde thamai Iskole Awards Ceremony in 2012, you received your highest achievement; as one of the top 10 students of Mahinda College from the time of its inception.

Although you heard that you had been nominated for the award, you never received the opportunity to see it yourself, since by that time, your golden heart had lost its beat. According to your superiors, friends and colleagues, you were a simple and humble youth. You were loved by all your friends as you led an unquestionable life.

Madhawa, you faced the harsh reality of life when you fell prey to cancer. As a young man, you never faltered; even at the age of 27, when faced with the fact that your days were numbered. Derana, your mahagedara, knowing the seriousness of the disease, made every effort to change your fate by sending you to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, on several occasions. They identified the creativity you possessed, the ability you had to face challenges and as a result, they went beyond the capacity of an employer in your case.

Finally, you had to accept nature, leaving behind all your loved ones in this world. What you expressed during your final stages was; "Although at present, there is no technology to change this decision taken by nature, in future, man will overcome nature."

You had also left us a note that fateful day, saying: "Cancer can destroy my life, but it cannot defeat me." You helped us understand the minute bond between life and death as an undisputed youth. You proved that English Poet John Donne was correct in his words: Death be not proud, though some have called thee

Mighty and dreadful, for, thou are not so.

Dearest Madhawa, our ran putha; may you attain the Supreme Bliss of Nibbana!

Malini Ganegoda


Darshani Deepika Menike

A true friend

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal - Richard Puz

Darshi passed away last week, without giving us a chance to bid her farewell. We do not still know how to face the reality of Darshi no longer being among us.

She was a true friend to us staff members at Vihara Maha Devi Balika Vidyalaya, Kiribathgoda and to all her other friends. She was a caring, sincere person who would always extend her generous hand to anyone in distress and was also a dedicated teacher.

To her students, she was a close friend and a confidant. She had a way of performing all duties entrusted to her with utmost dedication and care, always with a smile. Darshi was a pillar of strength to everybody during their hours of need. She never hesitated to arise when one of her loved ones needed her.

She lived life to the fullest; with a dynamic and vibrant personality, she was the heart and soul of many a trip organised by the staff.

She enjoyed life and helped others value it as well. She loved what she did and was always happy with what life gifted her with. Simple pleasures made her happy and we never heard her complain about anything.Darshi was a beloved wife, a loving mother and a caring daughter and sister. A product of the Peradeniya University, she was a talented teacher who excelled at Chemistry.

She leaves her dear husband, Pramith and daughter, Sohani. All her friends lost a beautiful person who was dearest to them. Our heartfelt condolences go to her family and her brother, his wife and all the others who stood by her during this difficult time.

Dear Darshi, it is not easy for us; you will always remain in our hearts.

May you attain the Supreme Bliss of Nibbana!

Kumudu Pieris


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