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‘Jathika Yovun Peramuna will help UNP win’

United National Party (UNP) General Secretary, Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said that the UNP will be victorious with the assistance of all youth forces, including the Jathika Yovun Peramuna.

He made these remarks while addressing a session to strengthen the Jathika Yovun Peramuna, at Sirikotha recently.

He said that the Jathika Yovun Peramuna is a decisive factor in the victorious forward march of the UNP. All the youth forces, which are the driving force of the UNP, will be strengthened.

“The Jathika Yovun Peramuna will do its utmost for the party to win all upcoming elections. The winning path of the UNP will be marked with the assistance of the Jathika Yovun Peramuna,” he said.

The Minister added that the reforms of the party will be put in place gradually in line with strengthening the Jathika Yovun Peramuna.

The Minister, who was a former President of the Jathika Yovun Peramuna, gave instructions to present members to convert it as the driving force of the party and shared his experience when he was President.


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