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ALMIDA - FELICIAN ANSELM Beloved husband of Leona (nee Bocks) much loved father of Bertram Patrick (All in Australia),​ son of late Willie and Creasy,​ son-in-law of Menon Bocks (Australia),​ brother of Damasus (Dinkie),​ late Winston,​ Marlene,​ and Anne,​ brother-in-law of Lizzie,​ Esme Almeida,​ Yolande and Terrence Blom,​ Esmond and Denzil Bocks,​ late Leon De Rozairo,​ uncle of Damian,​ Acister Avoline,​ Orinda Michelle. Funeral follows Mass at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church,​ Nobel Park at 11 a.m. Saturday 2nd June for burial at Springvale Botanical Cemetery Melbourne Australia.059470

FERNANDO - BERNICE. Dearly beloved wife of late Vincent (Patty),​ much loved mother of Hiranth,​ Vishanth,​ Sharon (Australia) and Renuka (Australia),​ expired. Cortege leaves residence on Saturday 2nd June 2018 at 3.30 p.m. for burial at Pallansena RC Cemetery. “Vinberk”,​ Thimbirigaskatuwa.060297

GODWIN THAPORAJ ABRAHAM - Son of late Wilfred (Arul) & Juliet Rasammah (Rasu) Abraham,​ son-in-law of late J.V. (Kulam) & Rasamalar Kulasingham,​ beloved husband of Sobhini,​ brother of Manoharan (SM),​ Thayamani Thurairajasingam,​ Suwendrini,​ late Godfrey & late Bryan,​ brother-in-law of Selvi Abraham,​ Rabin Thurairajasingam,​ Mohan Kulasingham,​ Sathy Kulasingham & Preethi Kulasingham,​ passed away in Canada. Funeral service at 11 a.m. on Saturday 2nd June at Jayaratne Funeral Parlour,​ Borella and thereafter burial at Barnabas Church Awissawella.059238

JAYAWARDENA - AMARANANDA SOMASIRI. (A.S. Jayawardena) (Former Governor - Central Bank of Sri Lanka). Beloved husband of Lalitha (nee Subasinghe),​​ father of Migara,​​ Menaka and Sonali,​​ father-in-law of Saori Ishida,​​ late Niranjan de Silva and Nilantha Lenora,​​ grandfather of Ransika and Danuli,​​ brother of late Ananda,​​ late Hemachandra,​​ Mallika and Sujatha,​​ brother-in-law of Prema,​​ Rohini,​​ late Desmond,​​ Chandrika,​​ late Neville,​​ Swarna,​​ Kamal,​​ late Manjula,​​ Anil,​​ Hemantha and Lilanthi,​​ expired. Cortege leaves residence on Friday 1st June at 3.00 p.m. for cremation at Borella Cemetery at 4.00 p.m. 89/​​1,​​ Subadrarama Lane,​​ Nelum Mawatha,​​ Nugegoda.059225

RAJAPAKSE - CLARICE. Daughter of the late Nicadimus and Emelyn Perera,​ wife of the late Sepala Rajapakse (Bopetta,​ Urapola),​ mother of Nimal (Vancouver),​ Premanie (Bopetta),​ Jayantha (Melbourne),​ Gothami (Bopetta),​ mother-in-law of Albert (Bopetta),​ Dhaneshwarie (Vancouver),​ Tharanga (Melbourne) and Sunimal (Bopetta),​ sister of the late Herbert,​ late Irene,​ late Meryl,​ late Eva,​ Bernard,​ Neville,​ Delicia,​ Ashley and Vinitha,​ expired. Remains lie at Respect Home (New Jayarathne Funeral Parlour),​ Bauddhaloka Mawatha. Cremation at the General Cemetery,​ Borella at 4.30 p.m. on Friday,​ June 1.059777

SUBASINGHE - DONA LYNETTE SYLVIA (nee SENEVIRATNE). Wife of Dr D.P.C. Subasinghe,​ mother of Ashanthi and Shameera,​ daughter of late George Seneviratne and Jannet Seneviratne,​ daughter-in-law of late Charles Appuhamy and late Dona Mary Subasinghe,​ sister of Gladwin,​ Shirani and Roshini,​ sister-in-law of Sonali,​ Lalindra,​ Dilhan,​ late Irene and late Theophilus,​ Gregory and Chandra,​ Perlita and late Mathias,​ late Esme and Eustace,​ Susila and Joseph,​ Nemisius and Laurencia. Cortege leaves residence No. 448,​ Main Street,​ Negombo at 3.30 p.m. on Saturday 2nd June,​ 2018. Service at St. Peter’s Church,​ Negombo and burial at Sellakanda Mahahunupitiya Cemetery,​ Negombo.060179

VIYAGULAMARY - Mrs. GNANAPRAGASAM - Beloved wife of late G.V. Gnanapragasam (former Elections Head Office),​ mother of Vasantharajan,​ Patrick,​ Sarogini,​ Harold,​ Tyrone,​ Christopher,​ mother-in-law of Ralph,​ Renuka,​ Vasanthara,​ Bridget,​ Noelin,​ passed away on 28th May 2018. Cortege leaves residence on 1st June 2018 at 3.00 p.m. for burial at General Cemetery,​ Borella (R/​C Section). 58/​26,​ 3rd Lane,​ Pangiriwatta Road,​ Somathalagala Mawatha,​ Nugegoda. Phone: 011-2835847.059359

Jinasena - Sunil Wijerathne. (Managing Director - Asoka Glass Company,​ Coirform Industries Limited,​ and Asoka Glazing),​ passed away. Beloved son of late Mr. I. S. Jinasena and Mrs. Chithra Jinasena,​ loving husband of Rani Jinasena,​ father of Piyumi (Pinky-USA),​ Ranidu,​ and Kavidu,​ brother of Nanda Sriyani,​ Asoka,​ Padmini,​ Kalyani,​ Mahinda and Mangalika and brother-in-law of late Sumeda,​ Mangala,​ Gunatilake,​ Abeywickrema,​ Priyanthi,​ and Major General Niranjan Ranasinghe (Ambassador for Sri Lanka — Iraq). Remains lie at Jayaratne Restpect Home from 31st May to 02nd June at 4.00pm. Cremation on Saturday 2nd June at 4.30 pm at (New Crematorium) Borella Cemetery.060378




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