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Policeman washed away in rescue attempt

A Police officer who had tried to rescue five children trapped in a house as a result of the floods in Galwala, Madampe has been reported missing and believed to have been washed away by the flood waters.

Madampe Police report that they had received a call that five children were trapped in a house and that flood waters were fast rising. Thus, a team of Policemen were sent to the area to rescue the children. The house was located next to a lake.

Police Constable and former Police Intelligence Officer Sampath had then swam towards the house, when a fresh wave of water had hit, sweeping him away.

At the time of writing, not much information was available on the Police officer and the Madampe Police were not contactable.

A special search operation was conducted by the Navy, Army and Police to search for the missing Policeman, but as of yesterday evening, he had not been found.

The children however were rescued by the Navy.



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