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‘Dead in war must be commemorated’

Parliamentarian Chandrasiri Gajadeera yesterday said people died on both side in the war and they must be commemorated regardless of which side in Sri Lanka they lived,

Gajadeera was addressing a press conference organised by the Socialist Alliance at the N.M. Perera Center in Borella on Monday.

The Parliamentarian said he saw nothing wrong in commemorating the war dead in the North or South.

He said he was against commemorating the terrorists who tried to divide the country.

The government has no plans; the country needs a change in its economic policy, he said.

He said the government cannot control the nature.

Throughout the history, the government has not taken proper action to mitigate calamities of the natural disasters, he said.

The government needs national policies, but they do not have any today, Gajadeera said.


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