Railways Department earns nearly Rs. 7 million through fines | Daily News

Railways Department earns nearly Rs. 7 million through fines

Officials attached to the Sri Lanka Railways Sudden Raids and Mobile Investigations Division, had recorded a revenue of Rs. 6,732,933 by way of fines from errant commuters through ticket inspections and raids carried out in trains, during the past four months of this year.

According to investigation officials, the total number of fines imposed on errant commuters during the period was 4,200. The said raids and inspections were conducted covering all three railway zones of Colombo, Nawalapitiya and Anuradhapura.

Ticketless travel, travelling in Class 1 and Class 2 compartments with Class 3 tickets, and also travelling beyond destinations specified in their tickets, were offences committed by the said commuters.

With the aim of minimising such offences, at present, fines for such offences had been increased to Rs. 3,000, while the number of such inspections had also been increased, Sri Lanka Railways Commercial Superintendent G. W. S. Sisira Kumara said.


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