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Corbyn promises Labour support for reconciliation in Lanka

Speaking to a group of Tamils for Labour in London on Wednesday, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn on Wednesday promised that a variety of reconciliation mechanisms for Sri Lanka would be included in the Labour Party’s election manifesto.

“There has to be serious action taken to bring about peace and justice for the Tamil people,” he said.

“If there isn’t, then I’m worried for the future in so many different ways,” he added.

He recalled meeting with then President J.R. Jayewardene in 1984, and urging him to repeal the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

“Sadly, all these years later, that legislation is still there,” he said.

Corbyn said he still supported repealing the PTA, as well as an international judicial mechanism to address war crimes, justice for the families of disappeared people, a political solution that recognises the multi-lingual, multi-ethnic and multi-religious nature of Sri Lanka, de-militarization of the North and East, and the right of Tamils to decide their own future. He called for the release of all political prisoners.

“Britain is in a strong position to make that demand,” Corbyn said.

He said the full list of demands “will be included in our manifesto in any general election.”



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