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PUCSL asks CEB for Generation Plan

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL), the regulator for the power sector, has written to the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) asking the licensee to submit with immediate effect a Least Cost Long Term Generation Plan taking into consideration the policy principals as approved by the Cabinet.

In a document, which the Daily News is in receipt of, PUCSL Chairman Saliya Mathew has asked the CEB to inculcate four distinct policy principals when drafting a new Generation Plan. The policy directive places emphasis on maximizing attention to environmental conservation by reducing carbon footprint, maintaining a low generation cost at all times, taking into account energy security and developing non-conventional renewable energy and new energy sources.

Mathews refers to the Cabinet memorandum approved by the Cabinet stating that the energy policy of the country’s generation mix should comprise a fusion of 30 percent coal, 30 percent LNG, 25 percent large hydro and 15 percent furnace oil.

“The commission requests you to comply with the government policy guidelines with immediate effect,” it reads. The letter has also been sent to the President, Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

Meanwhile, representatives from the CEB Engineers’ Union (CEBEU), who met with the President at the sidelines of an event, had requested him to look into the issue.

“We send a letter to the President yesterday citing that the CEB refuses to draft a new plan until the issues relating to the PUCSL are looked into,” CEBEU Executive Committee Member Athula Wanniarachchi said. “What the PUCSL did with the initial plan sent by the CEB is illegal, and we’ve asked that advice be sought from the Attorney General. We’ve also asked for the removal of the PUCSL Director General as we have no confidence in working with him.”

The Union, he said, was in consensus that the issue relating to the Generation Plan initially submitted by the CEB be sorted before drafting a new one. “There’s no guarantee they (PUCSL) are not going to meddle with the next plan we submit and make changes on their own calculations.”


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