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IUBF protest hampers Town Hall with traffic


Roads surrounding Town Hall is hampered with traffic due to a protest launched by the Inter University Bikku Federation (IUBF).

Ward place is closed temporally due to the protest.

Commuters are advised to use alternate routes to ease traffic.



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These roughs robes should be given the maximum punishment. They get everything free from poor people and They have nothing to do other than protesting. Buddhist priests should not be allowed to enter any university in Sri Lanka Siri

I am a Buddhist and ashamed to see this type of thing by the clergy. I think in order to safeguard Buddhism, Mahana yak A’s should take disciplinary action against these thugs who are wearing robes and disrobe them. They are thugs and no wonder people are getting disgruntled with the religion and following other beliefs. Government also should take serious action and bring laws against recognising these type of thugs bringing disrepute to the robe.


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