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Dropped country tracks from new album

Kylie Minogue ditched certain songs from her new album as they sounded too country.

Golden is Kylie's latest offering and marks the Australian singer's 14th studio album. While she's kept to her pop roots, Kylie has added a country edge to the songs, though the 49-year-old admits she went overboard on some of the tracks she recorded while in Nashville, Tennessee.

"We did some songs in Nashville that were a step too far for me," she laughed to Vogue Australia, adding they sounded great in Tennessee, but once she got back "into my real world" they were a step too country.

She added: "I've learnt a lot about songwriting... having two weeks in Nashville, that changed so much for me." Tennessee is the home state of country legend Dolly Parton, who happens to be one of Kylie's biggest heroes. So while she was in the U.S. state, the petite popstar made sure she soaked up all things Dolly-related. Rolling Stone 


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