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Contempt of Court action against Dr. Padeniya fixed for inquiry

Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya
Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya

The Contempt of Court case, filed against Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya for allegedly undermining the Court of Appeal judgement delivered regarding the SAITM issue, was yesterday fixed for inquiry by the Court of Appeal.

Accordingly, Court of Appeal (President) Preethi Padman Surasena and Justice Arjuna Obeysekara fixed the matter for inquiry on June 5.

On December 6 last year, the Court of Appeal decided to overrule the prelimina raised by Dr. Padeniya.

The Court of Appeal yesterday observed that there are sufficient materials to issue a rule against Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya in respect of a charge sheet filed against him over contemptuous statements.

President's Counsel Gamini Marapana, through a motion, sought a further date for inquiry.

On a previous occasion, a charge sheet was served on GMOA President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya by the Court of Appeal for allegedly undermining the Court of Appeal judgement dated January 31, 2017 which was delivered compelling the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) to register the MBBS graduates of the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine Limited (SAITM) provisionally as medical practitioners in terms of the Medical Ordinance.

However, Dr. Padeniya through his lawyer had informed the Court of Appeal that his client was not pleading guilty to the charge sheet when it was read out by the Court stenographer.

The Court of Appeal had also issued an Interim Order (IO) preventing the GMOA President from making or publishing further contemptuous statements/articles scandalising the Court of Appeal until the final determination of this Contempt of Court action.

Two civil society activists Prof.Sarath Wijesuriya, the Convener of National Movement for Social Justice (NMSJ) and Gamini Viyangoda, the co-convener of Puravesi Balaya Social Movement had filed this Contempt of Court action naming GMOA President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya as the respondent.

The petitioners stated that upon the delivery of the said judgement by the Court of Appeal, the GMOA has condemned and openly criticized the said judgement demanding the annulment or setting aside of the said judgement.

The petitioners further stated that in this backdrop, the GMOA headed by Dr. Padeniya has called for a national front and trade union action against the SAITM following the Court’s decision in ordering SAITM medical graduates to be registered with the SLMC.

The petitioners stated that on or about April 7, 2017, the GMOA had organised island-wide trade union action against the SAITM halting all health services including private practice and private health services to stress on the Government to abolish the SAITM.

The petitioners stated that the contemptuous statements and comments demonstrate the blatant hatred of the respondent and publication of the same in the said speech indubitably disturbs the Court process and hampers and undermines the authority of the Court of Appeal in respect of the administration of justice especially in view of the fact that the said speech was published and telecast on several medias and has been uttered by the respondent in a public meeting held under the topic “Abolish the SAITM” on April 4, 2017.

The petitioners are pleading that Dr. Padeniya be charged on the offence of Contempt of Court of Appeal under Article 105 (3) of the Constitution of the Republic of Sri Lanka. They are further seeking an Interim Order restraining and preventing GMOA President from committing, making or publishing further contemptuous statements/articles scandalising the Court of Appeal until the conclusion of this case. They further urge to impose sentence on the respondent as provided for in Article 105(3) of the Constitution.

President’s Counsel Upul Jayasuriya appeared for the petitioners. Counsel Ravindranath Dabare appeared for the respondent.


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Destructive GMOA has surpassed its boundaries, and lost its path of return. AP lost head, brain neural paths and conscience, when tied up with schizophrenic rebel Karl Marx violation of Medical Ordinance by refusing to follow law and order of Court of Appeal verdict. Carlo retired, but both leaders responsible for contempt of court. GMOA is not sovereign govt., but all govt. functions under Ministries with Executive President. Judiciary has protocol. Legislature Parliament makes laws, GMOA wants to control all 3 arms of govt. Even the Queen of England does not misuse her authority, vested with the 5, crown, throne, orb, scepter and Mantled with the robe of authority. Lucifer wanted to " be like God" and was cast out. Now he tempts men saying " you can be like God" to get them outside their boundaries. It is about time that the govt. overcame the GMOA with truth, righteousness and justice. All repeated false accusations against SAITM makes people believe lies and GMOA is offering SAITM a false fake illegal failed Nizhny twin, to receive bribes. SAITM with 8 year training needs supervised internship to complete their legal due with or without KDU. GMOA wanted KDU. This insanely destructive, hateful, jealous organization Ex Co needs to be locked up till sanity prevails

Petitioners cite only April 4th 2017 public protest of Dr. Padeniya who together with Carlo got power drunk to go against court and verdict of Judiciary, on numerous occasions. Leaders without right example must be punished unless they accept fault and pay the penalty. Legal Justice system must be strengthened in SL for liberty and freedom of all and not just the multinumbered TU gone insane oppressing and tormenting innocent legal SAITM students. Dr.AP not govt. paid to destroy but heal/cure sick in society. Court verdict of internship training is still valid for those UGC govt. approved who entered SAITM 2011 onwards, One Class.

I do not know about SriLanka but in my profession as a qualified teacher in Australia the trade union was office bearers were past teachers qualified under the free education at the time in Australia but released for such work as it was part of the work on maintaining a high standard and motivation for work ..Its the person of the job training thazt can help to draw attention to any misinterpretation to a workers rights and community concerns ..I believe


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