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False reports circulating regarding President’s delegation to London


False information are circulating regarding the official delegation accompanying President Maithripala Sirisena on the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), the President's Media Division said. 

The President was accompanied by the President’s wife, the President’s official doctor, Minister Tilak Marapana and his wife, Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, Language Interpreter and two officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Apart from them, print and electronic media personnel of the President’s Media Division and journalists representing private  media institutions and few officers of President’s Security Division, who do not belong to the official delegation participated in this tour.

Despite that no person was included in the delegation under the expense of the Presidential Secretariat or attended the CHOGM or any meeting held simultaneously.

Reports stating that expenses inured by Minister of Industries and Trade Rishard Badurdeen and Minister of Finance Mangala Samaraweera or any other parties who attended the Business Forum were not met by the  Presidential Secretariat, the PMD added.

Thus, we reject certain media reports that alleged that more than hundred delegates accompanied the President in this tour.


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Lunatic statement of deranged GMOA Ex Co type, obsessed with medical council registration, not knowing how GP accompanying a President behaves. Idiotic thinking that a GP will run into a London hospital waving a current licence and he'll be given a bed to practice on H.E. These are the type of GMOA obstruction arguments that are delaying the transfer of SAITM to KDU, trying to be "smart alecs" to make divisive conflicts. Once govt. admitted, all SAITM are ONE CLASS ACTION proceeding to MBBS. Once a GP carries sufficient drugs for minor ailments and is trusted by President, the GMC is not crazy to ask for certificates. If a Panadol is required on the plane, I wonder whose responsibility it would be to monitor whether from GMC or SLMC. GMC is composed of lawyers and other balanced non medicals known to have honesty and integrity more valuable for policy decisions than our brain twisted GMOA with SLMC megalomania imagining they are supreme gods which law and order cannot pronounce as violations. Great is the tragedy of our profession. Is it some religious fantasy that prevented Karapitiya from allowing British heart surgeon to operate free on the poor or is it sheer money mania, remembering this so called SB nation. Surely SL Consultant giving cover is righteous deed. What a wicked nation we are going to reflect through maniacal terror tactics of GMOA, which needs abolition/NCM. It is about time that H.E understood the nature of GMOA and legally dealt with course correction before gobbled up

No harm travelling with wife. Doctor is a no no for a president healthy male with no health issues. However for mental peace he is ok but not doctors wife at taxpayer expense. Translator helpful ans dome security personal yes and no but may Need occasional attempt not far fetched reason. Poor tax payer must need to preserve his wealth for country

I find it hilarious that you Sri Lankans criticise the trip taken by your President. I see nothing wrong with the few add on travellers with him, which seems quite reasonable. I did not see or read of any complaints from Sri Lankans when they were being ripped off blindly by your former President and his family. The cost of President SIRISENA'S trip and the six personnel who accompanied him is more than reasonable. Your former President whose name escapes me, was over the top with his arrogance, and lavish spending which would have made him comparable to a Middle Eastern Sheik. You Sri Lankans have a good man as President and a first class Prime Minister. Don't wreck your country and your children's futures by supporting radicals who do not work; who are dole bludgers and do their darnedest to reek havoc on a country that is finally becoming stabilised after years of turmoil.


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