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Missaka died of leg, jaw wounds

The postmortem examination had confirmed that Missaka tusker in the Yala National Park died of wounds to left leg and jaw by a trap gun.

The postmortem on the tusker was conducted by Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Ananda Dharmakeerthi.

A spokesperson of the Wildlife Conservation Department said the Wildlife Officers found the injured tusker near Bandu Wewa in Yala on April 15 and medical teams led by Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Malaka Abeywardena treated it on a regular basis, but the creature succumbed to injuries on Thursday.

She said though the 35-year-old tusker was confined to the Yala National Park, it also roamed adjacent villages.



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Trap guns should be banned and those who resort to setting them should be severely punished. Not only innocent animals lose their lives due to these lethal contraptions unsuspecting humans too have lost their limbs.


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