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Sri Lanka joins global initiative targetting marine pollution

Sri Lanka has joined an effort by member states across the historic British Commonwealth, in order to reduce plastic waste flowing into the oceans.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced on Sunday, that Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Ghana, had joined the Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance.

The said global initiative is led by the UK and Vanuatu. According to the environmental advocacy group Plastic Oceans, more than eight million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean each year. In an effort to bring that number down, UK Prime Minister May said that her country would pledge 61.4 million pounds to conservation research as well as initiatives in member countries, to reduce the amount of plastic waste flowing into the ocean.

“When it comes to our seas and oceans, the challenge is global; hence, the answer must be too,” said UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove, in a statement.

“Through this ambitious alliance, we will build on the UK’s world-leading microbeads ban and 5p plastic bag charge, to harness the full power of the Commonwealth in pushing for global change and safeguarding our marine environment for future generations,” he added.

Sri Lanka banned the manufacture and sale of certain types of polythene in September, 2017.

The Clean Oceans Alliance also announced that developing countries could apply for partnership support, to improve domestic waste-management systems and implement other initiatives to prevent marine pollution.


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