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Buddha statue salvaged from sea near Galle Fort

The salvaged Buddha Statue
The salvaged Buddha Statue

A Buddha statue sunk in the sea near the ramparts of Galle Dutch Fort was detected and salvaged by a young diver who was viewing corals near the sea close to Galle Fort, yesterday.

The statue is over 40kg and was found in the sea about 150 to 200 metres away from Galle Fort.

The youth, who used to dive in the sea around Galle Fort frequently, had observed the statue submerged in the sea while diving with one of his friends, yesterday. However, at first sight of the artefact, the young man had been shocked to see it and had swiftly emerged out of the sea. Out of curiosity of the unexpected sight, he dove again to the same spot with his friend, picked the statue up and brought to Sri Sudharmalaya Temple in Galle Fort.

It was handed over to the Chief Incumbent of the temple Ven. Panangala Hemaloka Thera, who in turn informed Galle Police and the Department Archeology, Galle about the object.

Subsequently, when contacted, Galle District Assistant Archeology Director Wasantha Alahakoon said that they had arranged to carry out a comprehensive study on the salvaged Buddha statue by a special research officer.

They would be able to determine the authenticity of the item only after a proper research and if found to be an artefact with antique value, the Archeology Department would take the statue into their custody, she said.


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