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JVP May Day rally in Jaffna on May 1

Main rally on May 7:

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) will hold a May Day rally in Jaffna on May 1 to commemorate International Workers’ Day. The main May Day rally and procession of the JVP will be held in Colombo on May 7 under the theme, ‘People’s Action for Social Justice and National Unity’.

Addressing the media yesterday at the JVP Headquarters, JVP Propaganda Secretary Tilvin Silva said most countries celebrate International Workers’ Day, often referred to as May Day. It is a celebration of labourers and the working class that is promoted by the international labour movement.

“This year’s Vesak falls on May 1, the same day as May Day. Therefore, due to practical reasons, we have decided to hold our main May Day rally in Colombo on May 7. However, respecting the May Day traditions, we have decided to hold a May Day rally in Jaffna to commemorate International Workers’ Day,” he said.

The Propaganda Secretary charged that some political parties hold May Day rallies by completely neglecting May Day traditions in order to fulfill their narrow political objectives.

He further charged that the UNP, SLFP and Mahinda Rajapaksa’s party have no ethical right to hold May Day rallies and that only the left wing political parties and the labour force have the right to celebrate it. “They just hold party rallies by hoisting flags with their party colours and not the red flag or hammer and sickle. They have completely distorted May Day traditions,” he said.

The May Day rally of the JVP will be held on May 7 at the BRC grounds with the participation of more than 50,000 JVP activists, he added.


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