Green Star City Housing complex Dehiwala commences construction | Daily News

Green Star City Housing complex Dehiwala commences construction

Idieal Engineering has embarked on another luxury apartment project, Green Star City Housing complex in the heart of Dehiwala at Vandervert Place.

“This is planned in line with the tenth anniversary of the company,” an official from Idieal Engineering said.

The project would include apartment designed with modern architecture and interior amenities to suit the latest styles for a luxury living in a cosmopolitan setting. Green Star City has its signature features such resort type swimming pool, heal fitness center, meditation hall with yoga studio, supermarket, cafeteria, medical clinic and many other facilities.

Green Star City will be an exceptionally designed modern apartment comprising fourteen floors.

The apartments are to be constructed in a way where all the bedrooms of the apartment would be exposed to the warm of sunrays and fresh breeze which would give more air circulation inside the house. Each and every house would have a private balcony.


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