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AVIC-ENG assists Lawris Girl’s Home “Sigithi” Kindergarten

AVIC-ENG officials making the donations
AVIC-ENG officials making the donations

China National Aero-Technology International Engineering Corporation (AVIC-ENG), one of Subsidiaries Company under AVIC International Holding Corporation (AVIC-INTL), donated necessities and teaching equipment to the Lawris Girl’s Home to Colombo and the “Sigithi” Kindergarten in Matara for New Year.

Theme of these donation ceremonies in Colombo and Matara were theme ‘Let Love Hold up the Future’.

The Chinese Contractor AVIC-ENG has been performing its corporate social responsibility since the year of 2010 when undertaking the first project of Improvement and Rehabilitation of A9 Road in Northern conflict area. AVIC-ENG has also the Contractor who had successfully completed the Runway Overlay and Associated Works Project ahead of the schedule in 2017. Since the company established in Sri Lanka eight years ago, it has regularly carried out public charitable activities every year, including repairing roads for arm camps, drilling wells for local villagers, donating study items to impoverished primary schools, providing living necessities to nursing homes and special educational schools, as well donating medical equipment to the northern military hospitals, etc.

Meanwhile, AVIC-ENG has also invested US$ 250 mn for Astoria Apartment Development Project to provide the luxurious apartments and office building in Colombo 03.

The phase 1 will be handed over to the client soon and will be one of the landmark properties in Colombo.


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