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Airtel wins at Great Managers Award 2018

Jinesh Hegde, CEO of airtel Lanka awarded for ‘An organisation with great managers’ .
Jinesh Hegde, CEO of airtel Lanka awarded for ‘An organisation with great managers’ .

In recognition of their commitment to people development, Airtel Lanka and three of its managerial staff were recognised as winners at the inaugural Great Manager Awards 2017 held at The Kingsbury recently.

The ceremony was launched by the Colombo Leadership Academy in partnership with People Business India, to identify, assess, recognise and benchmark great managers in the corporate sector.

The ceremony saw the facilitation of both, Great Managers and Companies with Great Managers based in Sri Lanka. The winners were evaluated for managerial effectiveness by an esteemed advisory panel and faculty according to a global research-based model known as R-OPTI. The model draws attention to results, execution, people, team, organisations and leadership integrity.

Airtel Lanka was awarded and recognised for its managerial quotient as ‘An organisation with great managers’, whilstCarmen Ranwalage, Head of Zonal Operations; Channa Munasinghe, Head of Data, VAS and Roaming; and Udaka Kappagoda, Head of Sourcing and Contracts emerged as individual winners representing the organisation.

Commenting on the prestigious accolade, Bharti Airtel Lanka CEO and MD Jinesh Hegde said, “This award is a recognition for the organisations’ continuous efforts in people development and a special testimony to the success of the ‘Lead Right’ programme, a flagship people manager development programme of Airtel.

By nurturing more great managers with training and targeted development interventions, we envision the development of a dynamicand effective leadership pipeline across our organisation.”



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